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Halar coated sparkler filter press

Halar coated sparkler filter press

These machines are mostly suitable for crystal clear filtration of various range of product in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, cosmetics, paint, oil, distinguished liquids, beverages, distilleries and related industrial processing and manufacturing applications. The liquid is pumped through the central channel of the main cartridge from the bottom portion of the unit causes reverse flow of sparkling liquid where suspended particles get arrested on the filter and resets on filter plate safely as per requirements. This reverse flow of liquid from bottom to top of each filter plate ensures the complete and pure filtration of requisite liquid and such unique method makes the machine more versatile in its segment. The sealing of complete body with movable hinges and gaskets get enclosed the entire liquid during filtration operation which causes zero noise and less vibration too.

Salient features of Zero Hold up Sparkler Filter Press are

  • Rich performance due to durability in operation for long service life, free from major breakdowns
  • The standard filters are made of high grade SS304, SS316 and SS316L which maintain the maximum filtration quality during entire process
  • The complete assembly of filter discs plates and cartridge are enclosed in perforated support screen which are together with the help of high class tie rods for achieving long sustainability of complete machine body
  • The sturdy base is cladded with SS sheets or pipe frame and equipped with castors for easy movement during cleaning and mini maintenance
  • One time operation of one batch in stipulated time without any hold up activity which saves production time and manpower cost
  • The energy efficient positive flow pumps are of high class and can sustain long time loading without any heating problem
  • Online backwash arrangement is provided to avoid any delay in processing which saves valuable time and cleanliness
  • Special spinning sealing technique is adopted for sealing filter plates which offer long life for each individual filter plate
  • Easy disposal of cake after filtration. The toxics, unwanted hazardous and explosive liquids get enclosed during process which can be disposed easily after completion of batch
  • No choke up problems as the pumps push or sprinkle the liquid in uniform ways which make the filtration process more linear and crystal clear results are possible

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