Project Description

Vacuum Tray Dryer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

IndiaTech Pharma Exporters is running past from 30 years of experience with highly qualified engineers and fabricators. We have wide expertise and knowledge in the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Vacuum Tray Dryer in Thane, Mumbai, India.

We are popular and leading manufacturer of Vacuum Tray Dryers of different shapes and sizes. The basic requirement of these types of Dryers for thermal sensitive solid materials that absorb moisture can be easily degrade or resolved which causes fermentation and affects the basic quality of final product. Sterilization of material is vital prior to drying process as no foreign material element is allowed to enter once the Vacuum Dryer gets started.

Vacuum Drying is a process in which the material drying can be achieved by means of reduced atmospheric pressure environment surrounds the product where huge amount of heat is not required for Drying of thermo liable material. This type of Drying process removes and recovers the solvent from any solid product as per requirement. Drying time is too long to maintain the basic quality of material may be 12 to 48 hours as per process specifications. Hot water or steam is allowed to pass through hollow shelves which improve the efficiency of drying process. The temperature of process is fully controlled and kept near to boiling point of drying cycle. This Vacuum drying is suitable for Food, Pharmaceuticals, agriculture, biological product process industry, chemical manufacturing industry, AP / API / NUTRACEUTICALS/ BULKDRUGS industry where moisture removal is an integral part of process.

Salient Features of Vacuum Tray Dryer:

  • Unit spares such as Condenser, Receiver, Radiator, Electrical Heaters, Pipes and Side Walls are made of excellent quality and durable for lifelong service
  • Circulation pump and Vacuum pump are heavy duty and ISI mark which makes the whole unit more reliable in operation
  • High grade of insulation sheet material of proper thickness is provided to vacuum chamber along with intensive sealing gaskets (silicon) to door which improves the Vacuum Drying process
  • Hot Water Tank is made of high quality of steel and again insulated properly to avoid heat loss which saves huge production cost. This tank is provided with Solenoid controlled Pneumatic operated valve located at hot water inlet for better control of whole operation
  • Drying Trays are portable and made of high grade steel and portions are welded with zero fatigue. Also special care has been taken while manufacturing of such trays to avoid sharp edges which requires special bending techniques to make state of art work
  • All the pipes are internally coated with special rust free coating material to obtain lifelong operation. Various flanges, valves, jackets, drain valves are also of superior quality are mounted at suitable location for daily as well as preventative maintenance by operator
  • Main Vacuum Chamber is provided with safety devices such as Explosion Vent or rupture disc which are for additional safety point. Pressure release valve is equipped in steam line which needs minimum calibration timely
  • Various parameters can be easily monitored by operators as required gauges are located at visible a location which makes the unit more versatile and ease in whole Vacuum Drying process. Most of the parameters are digitally visualized and provided with process control switches and alarm systems to enhance the exact process to be carried out
  • Main chamber is also equipped with visible glass for manual observation as well as to keep keen watch on drying process
  • All the electrical material is of high class and fire proof wiring to avoid any accident during drying process
Technical Specifications :

Model ITPE VTD 6 (STD) ITPE VTD 12 (STD) ITPE VTD 18 (Customized) ITPE VTD 24 (STD) ITPE VTD 36 (Customized) ITPE VTD 48 (STD) ITPE VTD 96 (STD)
Capacity in Trays (4 Kg as per 0.5 BD) Tray Dimensions 400mm x 800mm x 40Ht 6 12 18 24 36 48 96
Number of Shelves 2 6 6 8 12 8 12
Dummy Shelf 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Trays Per Shelf 3 2 3 3 3 6 8