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Tray Dryer
Tray Dryer

IndiaTech Pharma Exporters is running past from 30 years of experience with highly qualified engineers and fabricators. We have wide expertise and knowledge in the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Tray Dryer in Thane, Mumbai, India.

Tray Dryer is an enclosed chamber insulated with high grade insulation sheets to avoid heat loss as well as ingress of air or any unwanted foreign material inside. Multiples of trays are placed one above the other in shelf form provided with trolley like arrangement to insert or removal of each individual as per requirement. Tray dryers are widely used for heating and drying of many domestic and industrial products chemicals, pharmaceutical products, food products, bakery products,etc. The dryer chamber is provided with electrical heaters or steam for circulation of heat and solid or wet materials are placed for processing. A special blower arrangement is provided inside the chamber to circulate hot air of required temperature as per process requirement. The control panel is installed at the outside of dryer and is equipped with numerous gauges for observation of air flow, temperature and other related parameters with timers.

Salient features of Tray Dryer

  • Tray Dryers are available of different sizes and shapes as per clients’ requirements. These are made of SS 316/ SS 316L or SS 304 as per requirement.
  • Control panel is of advanced type provided with digital indicators with illuminating gestures and timers’ facility to operate dryer during night time also. Various annunciations circuits and alarms facilitate the operator to control the temperature of whole process easily. All the electrical switches, knobs, wiring, alarms, indictors are of excellent quality and are fire proof
  • These dryers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with all due care as per ISI Standards which follows all industrial norms. The quality of raw material is excellent and we make sure to fabricate such high class machines to operate at high temperature with full efficiency. The external walls of Tray Dryers are made from SS 304 material and thickness more than 1.6 mm which makes them more suitable for large scale operation over a long service life span
  • The hot air circulation (flow, pressure and temperature, speed of blowers) is precisely control by operator with the help of few switches and whole process easily to get the work done
  • The exhaust hot air or steam can be recoverable and fed into main stream which saves huge production cost and electrical bills too
  • Available in various capacities as per clients’ requirements ranging from 6, 12,24,48,96,192 trays and total heating load from 4 KW to 24 KW
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