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IndiaTech Pharma Exporters is running past from 30 years of experience with highly qualified engineers and fabricators. We have wide expertise and knowledge in the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Paste Kettle in Thane, Mumbai, India.

Paste Kettle is a jacketed hemispherical bowl provided with all necessary steam accessories for melting material to be pasted. It is a tilting paste kettle designed for paste preparation which facilitates uniform melting. This Paste Kettle has wide industrial applications in food, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical. The jacket arrangement is provided for steam circulation around outer periphery in order to melt down the product to make paste/binder materials under controlled conditions.

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Paste Kettle Manufacturer in India

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Remarkable features of such Paste Kettle are as below

  • This kettle have excellent design and widely used for melting the paste or binder material used for various industrial applications
  • All the contact parts are made of high grade steel SS 316 as per industrial manufacturing practices
  • The jacket portion is equipped with steam/highly heat conductive fluid/thermal arrangement for heating the material of paste. This heat is controllable by simple method to achieve requisite result
  • The state of art impeller design facilities the uniform mixing of material under processing
  • Tilting arrangement is provided for discharge of paste to requited pot or vicinity at any desired angle
  • Hemispherical design makes this kettle more versatile for excellent and proper mixing of paste or binder material
  • The electrical motor along with gear box arrangement provided at the top of equipment provides the required speed for material mixing and energy efficient electrical spares saves huge energy bills. Variable frequency drive for controlling speed of kettle is a value added option which adds little initial cost
  • Agitator and blades along with Teflon assembly is completely detachable which provides neat and cleaning facility which maintain industrial health too
  • The single person can operate the entire operation easily which saves manpower as well as production cost
  • Affordable operation, rugged construction and powerful performance over a long service life offer economical production cost and value for money especially for initial startup also
  • Multiple options models available from 25 to 300 Liters. Hence suitable for small as well as large scale production
  • A high grade insulation material is provided at the body of kettle avoids the heat loss and proper amount of heat is utilized for processing
  • The flameproof fabrication and fitment of allied spares & safe earthling makes this Paste Kettle more safe and free from major breakdowns which requires minimum time and cost of maintenance