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Multi Column Distillation Plant Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

Multi Mill
Multi Mill

IndiaTech Pharma Exporters is running past from 30 years of experience with highly qualified engineers and fabricators. We have wide expertise and knowledge in the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Multi Column Distillation Plant in Thane, Mumbai, India.

This is a Distillation Plant utilized to produce pure pyrogen free sterile distilled water for multiple applications as per IP/BP/USP specifications. Considerable amounts of energy get saved as compared to conventional methods by means of such machine which uses By Multi Effect Distillation method. This plant comprises of specially designed multidirectional baffle system of high quality material over which vapor particles pass with tremendous centrifugal force.

Due to high velocity and pressure, there is no chance of pyrogens carry over in the vapors. The external plant steam heats the first column where about 33% of feed water gets converted into steam and thus the generated vapors continuously feed water rise up the column which gets separated by separation system equipped with the unit. Condenser condenses the steam produced in the last column by feed water as well as cooling water too. The pyrogens particles if any and droplets get separated, are found path to the end of column. This Multi Column Distillation Plant is based on the FINN-AQUA system design to generate pure pyrogen free sterile distilled water for various applications as per requirements.

Remarkable features of Multicolumn Distillation Plant are

  • The spiral multidirectional baffle tubes are made of high quality stainless steel and having seamless fabrication to avoid any leakages due to hot spots developed during production process
  • This unit economically produces pure sterile pyrogen free distilled water as per IP/BP/USP specification
  • Literally no maintenance cost as requires less amount of heat or cooling water and offer excellent performance in its class
Multi Mill

Technical Specifications :

Capacity Supply Steam Cooling Water Capacity Supply Steam Cooling Cooling Water
80 40 120 145 44 180
150 48 180 285 85 350
300 97 365 570 170 700
500 130 605 920 275 1130
3000 660 650 550 1650 6770
5000 1200 1100 9585 2875 11795