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Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

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IndiaTech Pharma Exporters is running past from 30 years of experience with highly qualified engineers and fabricators. We have wide expertise and knowledge in the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Fluid Bed Dryer in Thane, Mumbai, India.

This equipment works on the basic principle of fluidization of the feed material and is widely utilized in pharmaceutical industries to reduce or remove moisture content of pharmaceutical powder and granules. A hot air at controlled high pressure is allowed to pass through a perforated bed of moist or wet solid particles where heat transfer process removes the excess moisture by lifting these particles from bottom. The direct contact between wet solid particles and hot gases accomplish the fluidization process. The heat recovery is also possible in some Fluid Bed Dryer as per customization which saves huge cost of operating of such high class machines.

This Fluid Bed Dryer is comprises of assemblies such as Main Air Preparatory Unit along with inspection windows, Air Distribution Plate, Spray Nozzles of various shapes and designs, Product Bed Container associated with perforated foil for hot gases entry, Exhaust Blower and Filter, Control Panel, Solution Deliver Channel etc.

Salient Features of Fluid Bed Dryer:

  • The direct contact between wet solid particles and HOT AIR causes fast removal of moisture from high volume of wet process material
  • This unit has excellent control over whole process of fluidization as the required amount of high pressurized hot air as well as its temperature can be controlled form control panel by one operator
  • This unit is easy to install and operate. Requires low initial investment and is free from major maintenance. Faster Drying can be achieved if moisture level of inlet pressurized air is maintained at minimum level which is again depending upon location of main unit
  • Suitable for small as well as large scale drying process in pharmaceutical as well as other industries such as food processing units, agriculture industry AP/ API / NUTRACEUTICALS etc
  • This Fluid Bed Dryer is energy efficient in operation as requires less electrical power which saves huge amount in energy bills. The provision of additional heat recovery system improves the overall thermal efficiency of whole unit
  • This unit is accomplished with superior quality of raw materials while manufacturing in which quality control over each stage is more important to satisfy our valued customer over entire globe
  • The control panel is provided with various gauges for observations and controlling numerous parameters which makes the unit more versatile to operate and requires small skill to achieve control over whole Drying process. The alarm and indications provided on control panel of drying process facilitates the operator to keep keen watch over whole operation of unit
  • The moisture content of feed material, its size and shape does not makes any difference. Can dry any wet substance at controlled condition with optimum utilization of hot pressurized air and with superior drying efficiency
  • The internal parts of main Drying chamber is manufactured by SS 316L/ SS 304 with rust free special coating material which keep the unit free from dust and oxidation process

Air Tray Dryer (ATD) :

AIR TRAY DRYER (ATD) is widely used for material drying in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. Its drying process is based on circulation of air through the chamber having material. A Tray Dryer is a conventional drying equipment with enclosed insulated chambers and trays placed on top of each other in a trolley.

Specification of Air Tray Dryer (ATD)

  •  Capacity (No. of Trays) – 12, 24, 48, 96 and 192
  •  cGMP Model and Non-Gmp Model
  •  MOC-SS304/ SS316/ SS316L/ Hastelloy
  •  Various types of coating for wetted parts like HALAR/ ETFE/ PFA/ PVDF/ PP (Food Grade)
  •  Qualification Documents – IQ, DQ, OQ and FAT Protocol

Optional Items/ Accessories for Air Tray Dryer

  •  Flame proof Construction
  •  Double Skin Body
  •  AHU
Multi Mill
Technical Specification :

Model 5 30 60 120* 200* 250*
Product Bowl Volume in Liters 20 100 220 440 780 960
Bacth Capacity In Kg 5 30 60 120 200 250
Heating capacity in KW 6 18 36 60
Steam Consumption Kgs/hr 14 25 50 100 160 200
Drying temperature in 0 C 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80 50-80
Blower Motor (HP) 1.5 5 10 15 20 25
Electrical 2800 rpm / 3 Phase / A.C.